Shadowstorm Chronicles

Welcome to The Shadowstorm Chronicles Wiki

An in-depth archive into The Shadowstorm Chronicles series. With all the quests, locations, characters, and items from both The Shadowstorm Chronicles: Exodium and the expansion pack The Shadowstorm Chronicles: Path of Shadow, as well as the upcoming The Shadowstorm Chronicles II: Shadow's Hand.

  • Armor - A guide to the various armor available in the world of Asranathi
  • Weapons - A weapon guide to the arms of Asranathi's peoples
  • Characters - All party members, as well as other major characters encountered throughout Asranathi
  • Quests - Every quest, major quests, side quests, and DLC quests
  • Classes - All 15 classes, as well as other ones included exclusively to certain games
  • Creatures - All 100+ of the monsters and enemies encountered in Asranathi
  • Locations - A traveler's guide to civilized Asranathi, as well as less traveled parts

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