Labas Tir'Faravel
Also known as: Dragon Rider Labas, Labas of Tir'Faravel
Race: Human
Home: Tir'Faravel
Era: Pre-Old Wars era

The Shadowstorm Chronicles: Dragon's Lance

Voice Actor: James William

Labas Tir'Faravel is a Human Dragon Rider of Aquilesse. He is an enigmatic and valorous character, and appears only in the webpage prequel The Shadowstorm Chronicles: Dragon's Lance. During the events of The Shadowstorm Chronicles: Exodium and the expansion The Shadowstorm Chronicles: Path of Shadow, set thousands of years after Labas' time, his home of Tir'Faravel has been long since destroyed, in the Old Wars. He is mentioned by many in the later games, and a statue of him appears at Aquilesse.


As the story progresses in Dragon's Lance we learn more about Labas. He was born in Tir'Faravel, his ancestral family home, and became a Dragon Rider some time in his life, acquiring his dragon Ashallia. He defeated a band of rogue Dragon Riders during the end of Dragon's Lance.