Havez Tir'Ordelin
Also known as: Old Crazed Man, Havez
Race: Human
Home: Faradec
Era: Exodium-era
Voice Actor: Peter Handers

Havez Tir'Ordelin is a Human Mage encountered by the player's party in both The Shadowstorm Chronicles: Exodium and The Shadowstorm Chronicles: Path of Shadow. It has been confirmed that Havez will be a party character in the Good alignment quest of the upcoming The Shadowstorm Chronicles II: Shadow's Hand.


Havez appears as an old mage, with red hair and a beard. He is seen performing fire tricks in the cutscene in Path of Shadow, which may hint that he is profound in the art of pyromancy. When he is encountered in Exodium he wears a green cloak, but in Path of Shadow he wears a dark brown one. It has been confirmed the second cloak will be part of Havez' attire for Shadow's Hand.


When the party is in the city of Faradec, during the Good alignment quest, they will likely encounter an old man who is named as "Old Crazed Man". He warns the party that the Shadow Father is approaching, and that Asranathi will be devoured by darkness.

Path of ShadowEdit

The party once again journeys to Faradec in the quest for Path of Shadow, where this time the old man introduces himself as Havez Tir'Ordelin. He says that he will join the player in their fight against the Sundering in "due time, young one".

Shadow's HandEdit

On June 10th the characters for The Shadowstorm Chronicles II: Shadow's Hand were revealed. Havez was among them, confirmed by the development team as being a party member in the second game. He is a Mage with level 6 spells, and can shapeshift also. It has also been revealed that a side quest for Havez will be in the game.